Let Us Pray

Let us pray that you have a strong heart, can keep up with me, enjoy blow jobs and ass play, french kissing and toe sucking. Let us pray that you do not fall down on the job, your cock stays hard and you like to me kissed all over. Let us pray that you keep me satisfied and wanting more and let us pray that the cracker crumbs in the bed dont bother you to much as you will also be lying in the wet spot. Let us pray you are strong enough to take up the invitation and follow through with satisfying me the way I like it and let us pray that you can survive at least an hour. Amen


I have extended an invitation to fuck me friday and if you choose not to show up then I will replace you by 9 p.m. and you will be considered non gratis. This opportunity will only be available once and will never be offered again so make a wise choice and join me or consider me gone with the wind. Bring your kissing lips, your sweet ass, your hard cock and a smile as I will be waiting for you naked and ready to sit upon your face and ride you like a stallion.

My Kind of Fun

My kind of fun starts with you naked and sleeping as I tip toe quietly up to the end of the bed and shake the can several times, I remove the top and sneak up between your spread legs and push down on the nozzle which sprays whip cream up the crack of your ass and my tongue slowly licks the sweetness of your ass. I push my tongue deeper and lick the cream from your balls to your tailbone and my tongue does this several times until I am deep into your valley of love.

Your body rises slightly to accommodate your cock as it gets harder and harder and you slowly roll over and I squirt more whip cream on your cock. I lick and suck, stroke and finger until you are crazy with anticipation and I continue to squirt more cream onto your chest and nipples and I lick and tug on your nipples which excites you further. I turn around with my ass facing you as I lower myself onto your hard cock and squirt whip cream on your toes and begin to lick it off as you bury your cock deeper and deeper into me.

I sit up and slowly ride you while bending to suck on your toes and this is fun, my type of fun and you are enjoying it as well as it is something different, fun and exciting as it is not the same ole same ole. When you knock on my door have several cans of whip cream so we can play “let’s make a sunday.” 

Lips and Thighs

I dream of kissing your lips softly and gently as I slowly push my tongue to meet yours and the passion is electrifying and our tongues mingle with passion. I dream of running my hands along your muscular thighs to the hollow of each side of your ass. I dream of running my hands over your firm ass and up your back to your face and cradling it in my hands so you can feel my love.

I dream of you touching my breasts and making my erect nipples want the touch of your tongue and lips which makes my body start to twitch and my moistness turns into pure liquid love. I dream of you entering me and the feeling both overtake us and we go on a journey never traveled before and the feeling of you entering me slowly going back and fourth and we begin to move in unison.

I dream of watching your face as you cum with a thunderous roar as if it was the first time you had ever made love and I dream of making us a wonderful dinner and you lying back on pillows as I feed you and eat off of your chest. I dream of licking your toes and watching your cock rise like a sky scraper and kiss and lick the inside of your calves up to your thighs and slowly take your balls into my mouth as I stroke your cock and finger your ass.

I dream of the moment I can bring you pleasure and make you feel ecstasy that you should have been feeling your entire life. I have been here waiting and wanting to share these moments with you but you have yet to come to me. I am not your average woman so an average man just will not work for me and you are not average by any sense of the word.

How much longer are you going to deny your heart? How much longer are you going to let your mind wonder to thoughts of me but yet do nothing to come to me? What are you afraid of? Afraid that I am all talk and not true to my words? Afraid that I will disappoint such a lovely fantasy that you have of me? Let me extend this to you: Never buy a cow before drinking the milk so you are cordially invited to sample the goods that you fantasize about, no committment, no strings attached or expectations.

Just get on the plane and come to me with several change of clothes as we must be dressed to be in public but do not plan on being in public for long my dear as I am going to share the secret of what should occur when man and woman are together. Let me show you what you have been longing for in your dreams and I will make them a reality. I will take you to a place you have never been before and I doubt that you will ever want to return.

Come to me Friday evening at my get away place and let me make you smile, let me make you laugh and let me make love to you and then you can make your decision on where your future lies. There will be no pressure, whining or crying, just two people taking a moment from their lives to share quiet moments without phones, demands, requests or expectations.

I will not beg you to stay or stop you from leaving but one thing I will make sure of, is that you finally fulfill your fantasy and see and feel me for who and what I am. I will not ask anything of you and you will never read of it or hear of it on the radio as I respect you and your tiny bit of privacy you so desperately need. Hon, I do not wish to ever hurt you and I will write that in blood if you wish so here is your personal and private invitation and I do hope you except it so you will no longer be tortured by your own thoughts.

Let me massage your calves, thighs and back and let me run my tongue up your ass while I play with your balls and cock, let me kiss every inch of your body and straddle you as your cock slowly enters me and we look into each others eyes knowing what we both no longer can deny. Can you feel me slowly lowering myself onto you? can you feel my tightness give way for you to enter me? Can you feel your build up which normally takes awhile to achieve? Can you feel my pace quicken and see the love in my eyes as breast bounce up and down and you are over taken by your own orgasm? Can you feel it, can you? I can dear, yes I can and if all we do is fuck one time and you go at least we both have experienced something we have dreamt about for so long.

Dont bother with condoms unless you want a water balloon fight, dont worry about much clothing as we won’t be wearing any, don’t worry about anyone recognizing you as know one will see you and don’t worry about our meeting as it stays our little secret forever. Fear not of me but please share this moment with me and then we can say good bye and never look back if you so choose.

Please just this once follow through and come to me, show me who you really are in the privacy of my secret get away and be yourself for once, just be yourself and enjoy a stress free and pressure free day or two. Please just let me see the real you, all of you. I am asking too much of you? Do you feel pressured? Please do not as that is not my intention at all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGRWTxOhjEk

Treasure Hunt

I‘m going on a treasure hunt Wednesday in my dad’s house, he kept little money in the bank but invested heavily in the stock market of gold and silver. He literally has bags of both hidden in the house and I aim to find them. I will be extremely wealthy when this is over but I am giving all the money away except for my kids college.

You probably think I’m crazy, which I am certifiable but that isn’t the reason it’s being given away. I find money changes people for the worse and just adds more problems to their lives and people who befriend them and become parasitic. I don’t want to change and I don’t want to rub elbows with the rich and famous. Nope, all I want is a garden and to relax that is all and money won’t give me either.

I would love to wake up looking at the ocean every morning but that is about as far as my dreaming can go at this point. When you have no one to share your life with, being wealthy becomes a hollow victory. I don’t need fancy meals as a simple tortilla with queso fresco cheese melted is just fine with me.

I love mexican food and make great hot sauce and I can bake or cook anything. My son has been bragging about my cooking which means he is missing me. He needs to miss me for a lot longer so he treats me with respect and quits his lieing. He isn’t a bad boy he is just ill like his mom and has been taught unhealthy ways of living by his dad.

This year is about me, finally I am putting myself first and liking myself and eventually I will love myself and that will keep me from getting involved in unhealthy relationships of any kind. I would rather be making homemade strawberry jam then go to a fancy restaurant, I would rather be sharing a bowl of homemade popcorn with someone that I love then go to theatre, I would rather lie naked in bed with my man and just enjoying the moment then win the lotto.

I’m a strange woman in many ways but that is ok because I like being unique and being me is what I do best. I don’t put on airs for anyone, take me or leave me the way I am. I am no longer possessed by my possessions and money doesn’t drive my life and with this attitude I am finally free, totally free of the ties that have bound me from moving forward.

I make drastic changes when I do make changes and I clean house totally and if you aren’t with me then you are against me and you have to go. I am so sure that there are people waiting for me to find the silver and gold because they think they will get some of it or all of it but that will never happen.

I know longer fall for sob stories and will no longer give another dime to anyone as I have given until it has hurt me terribly. Those that I have helped are not here to help me in return so they got all they are getting and are wiped out of my life.

My dad was the same way, he would help anyone but screw him over and he cut you out of his life like cancer. He never looked back and would never help that person again, screw me once and it’s my fault, screw me twice and it’s your fault and there are no third chances.

I didn’t have to acknowledge my sister on the probate papers but that just isn’t me, but I will tell you I will share the stock with her but not the gold or silver. Sorry, she has screwed me to many times and she never even talked to my dad so I am justified in what I am doing. The accountant has refused to return my calls so I will be there bright and early Wednesday collecting my dad’s income tax, which was filed illegally, closing the bank accounts and contacting all the investment company’s my dad worked with.

I will be shittin and a gittin Wed/Thurs because I have to head back to the trailor Friday and be in court mon/tues. I am a busy gal for sure but I am on a mission and I cannot be stopped once I get going. I will be hiring a bankruptcy appraiser to appraise my dads property, they always come in super low and the courts always except their appraisel.

My sister doesn’t want the land and I am sure she will sign it over to me because I am taking care of all this and she just has to sit back and sign docs and mail them. Doris has no idea she is about to get hit with a two by four when she returns.

I have found that the more you give away and do for others the more that comes back to you and this is so true. Here I am finally a wealthy woman and have no desire to keep the money as most people would be out buying fancy cars, hell I just want to get mine fixed and get another car, pay off the IRS and live happily ever after. I know that only happens in fairytales but it sounds damn good, doesn’t it?

My husband told me that his second wife made him feel like a paycheck and that was it. How can anyone  live like that? We marry and we change and grow and it’s usually in different directions, but we do love our spouse but we want to be in love again, feel that excitement and giddy feeling, we want to have nothing on our minds but that person and think of ways to make them happy. That is being in love and that is what we all are striving for.

But if you want something better in your life to have to give up the unneccesary to reach the ultimate goal of happiness.Life doesn’t allow us to put it on hold so we have to strike while the iron is hot and forge our  new life when we have the opportunity.

I am wildy crazy in love with someone that is married and I just about don’t even care because I want to be with him so bad. To do that would be a huge mistake for me as I would be second and will not be anything but first. I deserve to be first and I will one day to someone.

I think he is finding his life isn’t where he wants to be and his unhappiness is sending up red flags all over his life. I want him to happy and content, I want him to feel love and enjoy another, I want him to be the very best he can be. I want these things for him because I love him and I do not expect a thing in return from him.

One day he will take a good look at his life and regret that he didn’t go after what he really wanted but I can do nothing about that and I pray to God everyday for his safety, good health and love that is true with no strings attached.. 


I had been fooling myself for so long but it finally hit me like a tons of bricks why he wouldn’t be with me, it was my illness, of course. The mood swings came and went as the level of stress in my life went over the top and down again. I took my meds but the stress I was under wasn’t the norm for most people and I thought I was doing pretty damn good under the circumstances.


Assholes and Elbows

My rv is in Jackson and they need water softeners and filters because the water is well water. They do not blow out the lines in the spring so the hose from the spigot to your trailer get filled with rust and you have to let the water run for quite a while before hooking up to your rv. This year I did that as usual but the water wouldn’t go to the bathroom or kitchen sinks.

I figured it can be no big deal and started checking filters which were all clogged up of course. Once I got the filters soaking there was still no water so I was all ass and elbows crawling under the rv looking at the lines. Nothing under there of course and that pissed me off because it is hard for me to crawl under there.

I went to the office and they sent their maintenance man and I went through the list of everything I did. Don’t you know, he went and did the exact same thing and came up with the same conclusion I did, that the T under the sink was clogged. I will be back next Friday and he’s going to blow out the lines and see if that helps.

I don’t get it, why men think all women are incapable of making repairs and to have a brain that isn’t made out of straw.I have a friend that lives in southern Texas and he is the only one that realized that I can take care of a lot of things myself.

He and I are actually no longer friends after thirty years because of his unexpected visit this weekend at my rv. He pulled up in front of my rv in a stretch and I could have died of embarrassment. He stepped out in his custom made suit and shoes and walked over to me and grabbed me, picked me up and planted one square on my lips.

He said darlin’ we are getting married this weekend and I looked at him like he was crazy. He said I know you’ve been thinking about this and I know you have made the right choice for us. I busted out laughing, yes hysterically laughing and peed my pants. I couldn’t talk I was laughing so hard and crying. I haven’t laughed like that since I don’t know when but he couldn’t understand why I was in that state of mind.

When I finally was able to control myself I told him this wasn’t leave it to beaver and I wasn’t June Cleaver. In other words no I didn’t want the happy little home with the 2.5 children and picket fence. No I didn’t want to have a husband support me and no I didn’t want to be his little house wifey.

We talked for awhile but he still couldn’t understand why I didn’t except his proposal and I told him I didn’t love him and he told me I would eventually. I told him I was actually in love with someone else and he brought up the same shit he had said before and I told him that being in love with someone doesn’t guarantee you will ever be together but the feelings are there regardless.

He got pissed and told me I would never see him again and I could just keep waiting for Mr. Loser until I was old and grey and he still would never show up. Well it may be true but I still wouldn’t marry you I told him and off he went and at this point I hope I never see him again. He used to be a regular guy but then he became a billionaire and he changed completely, while I stayed the same.

I don’t see me ever remarrying again because I do not believe that I am good marriage material. I tried the wife routine once but never had a real marriage so I’m not exactly sure what a real marriage is like. If it’s anything like my marriage I do not want to experience it and am quite happy being alone. 

The Big Uneasy

Most of us have been in a relationship that we found no longer beneficial but we don’t want to hurt the other person but we no longer want to be with them either. That’s when the big uneasy sets in, we are uneasy around them, don’t really know what to say, have that feeling of wanting physical distance and we pick out every flaw that they have trying to justify our feelings.

Both people begin to feel it and some even say they never saw it coming which is a lie as most chose to live in denial. There isn’t a woman on this earth that doesn’t know when her man has cheated but men never suspect their wives unless it’s almost thrown in their faces.

We stay in relationships because we think “it’s just a phase” the relationship is going through but then the phase doesn’t change for very long and back to the same old same old. Women have a card in their pocket they use and it’s called pregnancy. Women know when they are about to lose their husband and isn’t it a miracle another child is on the way, accidentally of course.

I call it the “save the marriage baby” which never works in the long run or she becomes all sweet and gives up all the sex he wants and talks him into having another child. When the child is born the marriage returns to the same as it was before. The only difference is there is a young child that is used as a pawn or the card the woman holds to keep her man for awhile longer.

Staying in relationships that are not satisifying are mentally damaging to us but we don’t realize it. We slowly become bitter and can no longer see the beauty in life, only the misery. We begun to build a type of hate for the person as if it’s their fault. This is how I felt towards my husband before I filed for divorce and  it grew worse everyday.

If you feel this way you must do what is best for you and the other person because why should both people be cheated out of happiness? Why should both people lie in the same bed hugging the sides? Why should both people have to try to make small talk? Why should both people have nothing to share but their children and what is going on in their kids lives?

This is unhealthy for all and if you are in this type of relationship then you need to grow some balls and do what makes you happy because in the end that is what willl make everyone happy down the road. Yes, it is true even though it doesn’t seem to be. 


He walked in dripping sweat from the outdoor heat and he looked hot and I don’t mean his body temperature. He was dirty, sweaty and smelly but it didn’t matter as he turned me on every time I thought of him or saw him.

I poured him a glass of sweet tea and he drank it in two gulps, I took a cool wash cloth and washed his face and neck down, which he really was thankful for. I ripped off his shirt buttons flying every which away and undid his belt and unzipped his pants and slid them down quickly.

I gave his entire body a cool sponge bath and that gave him back his stamina. He removed my sun dress already knowing there was nothing on underneath it and we slid to the floor. We touched each other delicately and romantically, slowly and deliberately we ran our hands over each others bodies while we french kissed slowly.

He took my face in both of his hands and looked deep into my eyes and told me how happy I made him and that he hadn’t been this happy in over twenty years. That brought tears to my eyes as I never wanted to see him unhappy, I only wanted to see him smile and be the carefree person he was meant to be.

I laid him down on his back and straddled him like a thorough breed race horse as that is what he reminded me of. He held his cock as I slowly lowered myself down on him and he sucked in his breathe quickly as he played with my nipples.

I quickened my pace on my stallion moving back and fourth quickly and the friction brought me to an orgasm that was earth shattering and he came because he was so excited at hearing me cum.

We looked at each other and slowly smiled and I dismounted him and we laid side by side with my knee on his thigh and my hand across his chest. He had his arm wrapped around me and we were silent for the longest time and slowly drifted off into slumber.

We woke up and took a shower bathing each other and he picked me up and put me against the wall and entered me. He literally drove me home baby and I loved every second of it.

We finished our bathing and dried each other off knowing the day was to come to an end and he had to go home. He was married and had promised to get a divorce, which of course was a lie as he was connected to wealth, power and lived a prestigage life he didn’t want to give up for me.

No, I didn’t mean more than his bank account or his polo ponies and that hurt me terribly as I loved him like I had never loved another and would sacrifice anything for him.

I no longer cared that he was married, I wanted him and I was desperate enough to accept his current marital situation. Yes, I was cheating mysel


He was lying on his stomach with his arms by his head and his legs spread, he was snoring lightly and his long hair cradled his angelic face. He was at peace and in a blissful rest and I couldn’t help but touch his back with my fingers ever so lightly. I watched as the goose bumps covered his skin and a bit of a smile appeared on his face.I slid my hand down to his tight ass and patted it gently.

He began to stir and drew his left leg up and tilted his body slightly onto his hip and I could see the tip of his cock peeking out and I knew he was hard, he was so very hard and I knew I had the touch. He sat up quickly and grabbed me throwing me down on the bed and kissing me with all the passion of a man that loved a woman. His kisses became lighter and more romantic as we held each other closely and felt the heat from each others bodies.

We had waited so very long to be together and everything had finally come together including us and it felt right, it was right and it was our destiny to be together. He cupped my breast and took my nipple into his mouth which aroused me like crazy. I got turned on just touching his bare chest and I ran my hand down the length of his body until I reached his cock.

I began to stroke him slowly and tell him I wanted to fuck him and I could feel the pre cum on my hand and I slowly worked my way down to his golden rod and took him slowly into my warm, wet mouth. He began to moan and as I took him deeper into my mouth his moans grew louder and louder and I stroked his cock with my hand as my mouth went up and down on him.

I looked down at his feet and his toes were literally curling and I knew I was making his body dance with excitement and it wouldn’t be long before he entered me slowly and fucking me. He grabbed me and pulled me up to him and kissed me and forced my legs apart and positioned himself for take off. He entered me slowly which took longer than he expected as I was tight, very tight for a woman my age ane when he finally was able to completely enter me he looked into my eyes and said “I love you” with every ounce of love he had.

He quickened his pace and exploded which obviously shocked him as he had staying power but this wasn’t about fucking, this was about two people melting into one as we were meant to be. Neither of us were disappointed we just felt such completeness that we were finally able to be together as we had waited for so very long. There is a moment when two people reach a point that is beyond love, it is a complete awareness of each and nothing matters but the those two people and that is the place we had reached.FINALLY


Thinking of you, yes I am. Kimberly

Take It

Take my home, material possessions, my children and my pets-take it all and leave me standing naked under the stars-Kimberly

Want to Know a Secret? Promise Not to Tell?

I love you babe ya I know I told you I hated you and I did for a brief moment but I confess I love you and you are my angel, watching from the sidelines as I stumble and fall, only to bounce back higher than a superball.

I know you have wanted to fly in and land next to me wrapping me in the safety of your wings but that is not to be, no not as of yet.

You feel my pain across the world and want to be my savior but you cannot, no not as of yet.

You have shed tears knowing of my pain and feeling it as deeply as I and all you want to do is love me but no, no not as of yet.

My wounds have to heal on their time not when my mind says so, only my heart. You sit back with a cold one in the rain using your wings for shelter waiting for the rain to pass but no, no not as of yet.

You dream of me in your arms, lying between my thighs and using your wings to shelter me from all the pain I feel but no, no not as of yet.

I have things to take care of, a list of things to do and I must complete the list first, you want to help me knock down the list down but no, no not as of yet.

You are so impatient sometimes and you have started to chew your wings, stop it it’s not time yet, no not as of yet.

We are almost there, two more weeks and you can fly in, land next to me and engulf me in your wings, yes, yes we will be there then.

Then and only then can I let you into my world because the toxicity level will be so much smaller and together we will help carry each other’s baggage and sail away.

Weapon of Choice

Water Colors in the Rain

Water Colors in the Rain.

Loving You

Loving You

Mother’s Day is for celebrating our children, yet they are taught to celebrate us. Kimberly




I started to write my blogs because I needed an outlet to surrender my feelings too. I didn’t care if the format was proper, words spelled properly or posts and pages done right. I have never done anything the right way-only my way. I haven’t had the time to learn to be a proper blogger because it just isn’t high on the list of priorities.

My main priority is myself and trying to get my equilibrium back, find myself and find the direction that will lead me to what I need the most at this time. You will find no apologizes forth coming and no excuses, my time is limited and I have to find the oxygen to get through another day alone.



If you can swim through t…

If you can swim through t….

No Promises

This is the final journey of transformation for myself, I have discovered the beauty in the soul, the love in a heart and the gift of an angel from heaven. I have learned many lessons, most of which have been very painful yet learned anyway. I have repeated the same mistakes because I did not get the complete message the first time. During my darkest hours and moments of true need I felt shut out by God, I felt abandoned and alone and only in these moments did I realize that God did not forsake me, he loved me unlimitless and wanted me to be the best I could be and the darkest hours ended up being lit by the brightest of lights that shown down on me from the heaven’s.

I was given no promises of a rose garden or even a field of weeds but what had been given to me was priceless, I had been given the greatest gift of all the gift of touch. I could touch a sad soul. I had the gift of communication in numerous forms and when you could read the unwritten words of my heart only then do you see who I am.

I do not look at my life and ask why because why not me? I am a soldier of the spirit, a leader in life and I have a responsibility to others to show them what their own heart conceals. I have my own angel and even at times he gets a wing caught in the door and through his devine intervention I have found within myself a person of beauty and love, a person that is kind and sincere, a person that wants her angel’s happiness before her own.

A true angel will give you the knowledge you need to elevate your life because it is known as fact the closer we are with ourselves the closer we become to others.

Broken Heart

Broken Heart.

The Trip

“When you quit trying to control your destination is when you begin to enjoy the ride”. Kimberly

“When you find the door closed take an alternate route and look for the open window”. Kimberly


“When you feed the mind you reap knowledge, when you feed the soul you will find inner peace, but if you feed the heart you will find all the magic you have looked for”. Kimberly


“Everyone believes in a higher power, even the athiest”. Kimberly


We are surrounded by angels as they are the peace keepers of our soul and they guard the gates we may hopefully pass through one day”. Kimberly

“Why do I believe in God…

“Why do I believe in God? Because he is the only one that has ever believed in me”.

“God doesn’t give secon…

“God doesn’t give second chances, he gives you the opportunity to make your mistakes the first time so you are prepared the second time around”.

“A good neighbor and tru…

“A good neighbor and true lady always works on her lawnmower in a dress without wearing panties – facing the neighbors house of course”. Kimberly

“I rather commit to the …

“I rather commit to the electric chair then to a bad relationship”. Kimberly

“God guarantees us a cer…

“God guarantees us a certain amount of happiness, it may not be as much as we would like but we still do feel it”. Kimberly

“I am the message in the…

“I am the message in the bottle that floats upon the sea of life”. Kimberly

“Never follow your heart…

“Never follow your heart alone, put some thought into it first”. Kimberly

A Woman

A Woman

Delicate, sensual, erotic and comfortable with oneself makes a woman sexy.

If you chase the wind you…

If you chase the wind you will never soar with the eagles.



Sometimes when we are feeling small, we need someone to elevate us.

Quick Lick

I sat on the edge of the bed and removed my lace panties very lady like then placed my feet on the bed rails, I was exposed fully and began to touch the delicate flesh of my exposed pleasure point. He stood across the room with a huge hard on and a smile that was startling as he walked over to me and placed his hands on me knees as he knelt. He slowly pushed be back and buried his face into the wetness that was dripping from me, he licked and tugged, sucked and slurped and as I began to cum he would back off and tease me and start all over again. He finally let me explode as he entered me with his finger and slowly kissed my belly and worked his way to my nipples leaving me to feel the head of his cock at the entrance of my door. He began to kiss my neck and attempted to enter me and found it was not as easy as he would have thought, no this woman was serious about no sex for three years and her va j j told that truth. Trying to get into this pussy was like getting into fort knox, not happening without a hole lot of tnt and he had all he needed plus more.

He kissed me on the lips slipping his tongue into my mouth very slowly and passionately as he finally entered me, this gave me the urge to suck in a breath of air like it was my last. The feel of his cock inside me was unbelievable and the way he moved, he knew not to move to fast or too slow and we looked deep into each other eyes as if to say, yes, darling I am home finally I am home.


I turned on the hot water and then the cold feeling the temperature of the water so it would be just right. I walked back to the closet and removed a floor mat and a towel and headed back into the bathroom. I slowly removed my navy blue spandex shorts and top and sat on the toilet as I brushed my hair and peed.  Why was it no matter what i was doing, if I spread my legs I thought of him, always of him touching me, kissing me, loving me, slowly entering me with the hardness of granite and tenderness of a small puppy.  

I gracefully dipped my toe into the water and it felt perfect as I placed one foot after the other into the warmth. I sat down slowly and was enjoying the water when he popped into my mind, he made me so hot just thinking about his thighs, yes his thighs were so damn sexy. He was so damn sexy period, talking to him was like talking to the only human other than my dad that I had ever spoken too. He understood my pain, suffering, confusion, my quest for happiness. He understood the crazy, wacky me as well as the serious me. My mind drifted off to the touch of his cock in my hand and my mouth, the thought of sucking his cock made me so damn wet in a tub full of water. I turned on the jets and thought of him and speaking his name the closer I came to orgasm. When I finally began the wonderful  feel of the female orgasm I called out to him louder and the orgasm was like riding a roller coaster, up and down up and down, this is what he did to me, made me have multiple orgasms and that had never happened.

My legs were shaking as I attempted to get out of the tub and ended right back on my butt as I was seeing stars as well. Just the thought of this man drove me to orgasm, what really excited me was the fact that I got so turned on by thinking about him I wondered if we both would kill each other having sex………..we shall see now won’t we?

Standing on the…

Standing on the balcony wearing a see thru chiffon long nightgown that laced up the back, the warmth that came from the sunset as it melted into the edge of no return. He stood there an admired my nakedness under the chiffon night gown as if I wore nothing. He walked toward me and asked me to turn around. I did very slowly and my nipples were rock hard because I knew my lover always had a unique surprise for me. We shared the same desires in all walks of our lives, especially sexual. A perfect example of that is the secret little birthday surprise I had for him. We started our evening with a dinner party with friends and the dinner was exquisite beef Wellington, green beans and garlic, new potatoes mashed with white cheddar cheese and butter. The night was going to be fun and I had invited some friends my husband had never met. Almost everyone had decided to leave as not to be late to the theatre which left us and another couple I knew very well. We had a sitting room outside of our bedroom and that is where the other couple  adjourned too until I could prepare my man for the nights fun and games. 

The room was lit with apple spice scented candles and all of our various toys were laid out neatly in their own drawer. We went to get drinks and I blindfolded him with a lovely red satin tie and made him follow behind me as I guided him past the sitting room and into our bedroom motioning our guests to join us.  I had him lie face down on the bed and I tied his wrists and ankles to the bed, we had trust in one another but this was going to break the barrier shortly. I bathed his backside and dried him off and rubbed him with warm scented oil, I loved to rub the back of his thighs  where his ass and thighs united,  there was something hot about that small area where the thigh meets the ass that made me so excited.

I got so wet thinking about rubbing my nakedness up and down the length of his body. As I slithered up the inside of his well oiled thighs, I gently took each one of his balls in my hands and the tip of his cock in my warm, wet mouth. I had him turn over and still blindfolded I slithered up and kissed him deep and then slowly position my tender bud of pleasure over his mouth.As he began to suck on my clit, my friend Lana had gotten naked and began to suck his cock. He went crazy with delight as he had always wanted to have two women. Lana’s date York was sitting in the corner playing with one huge cock that I would enjoy soon enough. As the first quiver of an orgasm shot thru my body my lover was shooting his wad into Lana’s lovely mouth. He asked me if he could have a hall pass and I told him he had a hall pass every day of the week.

He asked me if I would kiss and suck Lana’s nipples and play with her clit and eventually go down on her while York fucked me. This was his fantasy and I gladly would fulfill such a request. A great sex life keeps people together and so we began to play. I massaged Lana’s body with warm oil massaging her breasts and belly as I worked my way to her clit. She sucked my nipples as he watched and started jacking off. Every move was slow and deliberate, York politely asked if he could join and my husband and York joined into the most awesome foursome of sex, titillating, erotic, pleasurable and so relaxing. We went into our walk in shower and the numerous jets up and down the walls hit our bodies like thunder bolts as if you prepare us for the next phase of our sexual pleasure. York was such a gentleman when he asked if I would “kindly suck his cock” and ass he sat on his naked ass and spread his legs, I got down on all fours and started licking the pre cum off his cock and playing with the underside of the head of his delicious member. I began to feel a tongue licking my ass and playing with my clit and then this big hard cock entering me with the expertise that a good lover has. He finally worked his way all the way into my ever tight pussy, grabbed my hips and drove his hardness deep into my wanting wetness. He hammered my pussy while I sucked on York’s ever hard cock and then I felt the wonderful feeling of my clit being vibrated. Lana was using the vibrator on me while my husband fingered her pussy and fucked me.

To give of ones self phys…

To give of ones self physically to another and the two become one is the dream we all have but few are lucky enough to experience.

The Swing

Jacque sat at the table as I rubbed his crotch. He was a very attractive man, much younger than my lover and he had class as well. My lover wanted me to really enjoy this experience as much as he was going too, I unzipped Jacques’ zipper and he was wearing boxer briefs and of course those are a turn on themselves. I ordered him to stand up and I undid his belt and button on his pants and pulled them down slowly as I admired the huge bulge in his briefs. I removed his shoes and pants and ran my hand up the inside of his thigh as I started to unbutton his shirt. I removed his shirt to find beautiful muscular arms and a chest that was so awesome I had to run my hand slowly down it and  over his muscular abdomen to the top of his briefs. I worked my hand under the  elastic waste band and slowly began to work my way to the pleasure point I was seeking.

Yes, he was hard, hard as I have ever felt. I could no longer stand it, I had to remove his briefs and as I did my lover started to remove his shirt. I told him no, you sit and wait until I’m ready for you. He loved being told what to do in the bedroom and he loved the way I took control and made him follow my lead. I took several steps back and admired the body before me. His muscular chest was spectacular but his cock, his cock was huge, I had never before seen a cock so big and thick and I could not wait to taste him and feel him inside me. I walked over and took one of the pillows of the venetian davenport and used it to kneel on in front of Jacque. He had shock and amazement on his face as this was a new experience for him as well. I began to slowly lick the head of his cock and then the underside of the head and down the middle as I used my other hand to massage his balls gently. I then began to work my way up and down his cock with my warm, wet tongue and then I slowly took him into my mouth. His moans were making me wet as I thought of his cock inside me. He grabbed my hair with both of his hands as I went up and down on his cock and his moans got louder and he pulled my hair harder. I knew he was going to explode any minute and I decided it was time to stop giving him so much pleasure. I stood up and kissed him deeply and our tongues began to dance as if they knew each other forever. I stepped back and told him do not move  love, I have a special surprise for you. I walked over to my lover and demanded he stand up. He did so with relish and I began to kiss him slowly as I unbuttoned his shirt and undid his pants. I stepped away from him and asked him undress immediately and he did so.

His body was not as youthful as Jacques but he still had a fine body for his age of 50. He took very good care of himself and he was also a muscular man with a fine cock I must add, a cock that begged to be touched and sucked. I slowly turned and looked at Jacque and asked him if he would like to undress me, he didn’t say a word as he began to walk towards me. I ordered my lover to sit down in the chair but turn it around first so he would be facing me. Jacque was kind enough to bring the pillow over to me and dropped it in front of my lovers chair. Jacque began to kiss my neck and run his hands down my body and up under my dress, seeking the crotchless panty entrance to my  clit. He slowly used two fingers to rub my clit and then enter my wetness. I was loving every minute of this and my lover lifted the back of my dress and found my panties and literally ripped them off my body. He began to lick my tailbone and kiss my ass with passion and excitement growing within him. He slowly entered my rear with his finger  and then two fingers as Jacque began to take my dress up over my head and throw it aside. I was standing there in front of him with nothing on but my bra, garter belt and black stockings, he undid the back of my bra and by breasts sprung free from their confinement. He slowly took a nipple in his mouth as he used his hands to undo the garter belt from my stockings and then he slowly removed my garter belt as he began to  lick my other nipple. He slowly worked his way down my body with butterfly kisses until he was on his knees licking my left labia as he removed  my heels and stockings. He licked both labias and refused to go near my clit and this drove me insane. He slowly got off his knees and said to me ” madame you are very demanding but so am I my ma chere” he then told me to kneel on the pillow and suck my  lovers cock. I began to turn around to face my lover and Jacque forced me down so quickly I had to grab my lovers knees so as not to fall. My lovers chair was far enough back that I had to lean forward, putting my ass in the air to reach my lovers cock. Jacque told me to spread my knees apart and lick my lovers balls. As I began perform the duties given to me Jacque kneeled behind me and began to kiss my back as I was licking my lovers stiff cock up one side and down the other. My lover told me ” hon I am so grateful to you, I want to fuck you now, right this second”, I told my sweetheart, no we have along way to go yet and I proceeded to take his cock in my mouth. As I did so Jacque plunged into my ass with his enormous cock and he played with my clit as he fucked my ass. I was beginning to cum and had to remove my lovers cock from my mouth as I began to feel the sensation of orgasm. As I began to say oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Jacque pulled out his cock and removed his hand and stopped my orgasm before it had truly reached the point of no return. He got up and said ” get up and look at me”, as I did so he kissed me slowly and said “I’m thirsty, get me some water now” and I walked over to sideboard and got him his glass of water. He drank quickly until there was none left and he sat down the glass.

 My lover still in the chair said ” is that the best you can do” laughing his mischievous laugh and I turned and winked at him as I headed to a section of wall. I stood in front of the wall and waved my hand and the wall parted like the red sea. Inside was a lovers paradise, this was a  room for sexual pleasure at its’ best. Inside there was a swing and a stool in front of it with an envelope on top with my name on it, I picked it up and looked inside and found a note along with one hundred thousand dollars. The note said, ” to my dear, you have given pleasure beyond my wildest dreams and I do not give you this money because I consider you my whore, but instead because I have found that I am in love with you”. I had tears begin to well up in my eyes but I knew I could not begin to cry until I had given my lover what he truly wanted. I used the stool to get into the swing, my legs went into straps as my ass tried to get comfortable enough to enjoy what was to come next. I called in the men and as they entered the door they were both hard as rocks and my excitement grew as I looked at their cocks. I told Jacque to get a chair and sit behind me and I told my sweetheart to kneel in front of me as I sat in the swing with my legs as far apart as they would go. Jacque asked me ” may I fuck your ass madame”,  and I told him that was exactly what he was to do as i ordered my lover to lick my clit and make me cum. I could feel a hard cock enter my ass as my clit was being licked and I sat  and enjoyed the astounding pleasure my body was feeling. My lover knew exactly what I liked and where the pleasure point was and I could no longer sit relaxed as I could feel my orgasm begin. I began to cum and it was such a strong orgasm I began to scream my lovers name and tell him to fuck me, fuck me right this second hun.  The orgasm started all over again as Jacque fucked my ass and my lover licked my clit, Jacque could hold himself no longer and my lover couldn’t either. He entered my wetness with the thrust of a dragster and he fucked me deep and fast, his cock loved to penetrate me and he thrust again and again as both men began to cum. One in my ass and one in the warm, wet center of my being. Both men fell back onto the floor exhausted with pleasure and I just sat in the swing and waited for the dizziness of pleasure to clear my head.  I finally freed myself from the swing and sat in  the plush chair that would be ruined from our body fluids but my lover would not mind. The swing is an awesome sexual toy that can bring pleasure to one, like they have never experienced before. The swing will forever be our toy of pleasure. All three of us entered the shower and washed each others bodies and Jacque was hard again, unbelievable how fast this man could get hard but then again he was a younger man then my sweetheart. Jacque asked permission of my lover and myself if he could fuck me and of course the answer was yes. My lover pushed a button on the ceramic tile and out and down came a chair, he gently picked me up and placed me on the chair as Jacque had a bar of soap and wash cloth he was soaping up, he washed my clit and pleasure entrance and then he used another soapy cloth to wash his cock and balls. He began to play with my clit as he kissed me and my lover watched with growing excitement and a glisten in his eyes. I was stroking Jacques’ cock and he entered me with a gentle push into my warmth and then he quickened his pace, I loved being fucked and two men, well this was an extreme pleasure for me, he played with my nipples as he fucked me harder and harder, deeper and deeper and he could not wait, his cock exploded inside me and he fucked me until his cock was going limp and then he exited. He apologized to me for my lack of orgasm and I told him it was fine as he finished bathing him and myself. All three of us dried off and my lover handed me a robe that had my name embroidered on it and he handed one to Jacque as well. We put on our robes on and walked out into the large room where we started. Jacque said ” sir and madame I truly enjoyed this day but I must depart as I have work to finish”, he began to dress quickly and my lover walked over to his pants and removed his wallet. He thanked Jacque for his time and handed him a large amount of bills for which shocked Jacque as he placed the money in his wallet. My lover walked him out and returned to look at me and say ” my love, my sweetheart, you are the only woman that has ever brought me this much pleasure”.

Otis repairman

The three of us exit the elevator to a private dining area and my sweetheart invites the repairman to lunch. We begin to talk about sex and the pleasures of it and my sweetheart whispers to me, ” hon would you mind if we had a threesome?” I tell him, ” what ever your heart desires my love” and he asks the repairman his name, which is Jacque and we introduce ourselves to each other. My sweetheart asks Jacque if he would like to partake in a threesome and of course he would be paid 3 times is normal salary. Jacque is not only willing but excited to be involved as he has never had a threesome, nor I. Jacque is 44 and a widow for the past 3 years and has not been involved with anyone, this is a dream come true for him. My lover wants me to massage Jacques crotch and I begin to  do so and I can see the excitement growing in my lovers eyes.


Our bodies are exhausted from all the sexual pleasure and as I lie my head on his abdomen, I can hear the out cries of an empty stomach. I look up and into his eyes and ask him, still hungry darling? Didn’t I satisfy you enough? He has that come hither look in his eyes and that mischievous grin on his face and laughter escapes his body slowly and ends into a rolling thunder. He says, my dear there is no one that can please me the way you can but I must eat my fill and quench my thirst to start the day. I have a day of dealing with acquisitions and mergers and what shall you do with your day my love? I am really unsure what my plans are as of yet so I just give him my “come fuck me” look and smile. He picks up a remote and pushes a button. Moments later there is a butler wheeling in a cart of the finest Imperial (Golden Ossetra) Caviar and Beluga Caviar, toast points, scrambled eggs with chives and cheese, buttermilk pancakes and Vermont syrup, belgium waffles, fresh fruit, fresh squeezed orange juice and fresh ground Brazilian coffee. The butler, James already knows what this mans’ likes and dislikes are and James asks me ” mam what may I serve you on this beautiful morning?” I give him my order and he prepares a plate for me as if I am a queen. He prepares my mans’ plate as well. We pull ourselves up into a sitting position as I cover my nakedness with the sheet. He sets the tray on my lap and the sheet falls to expose my breasts, to my embarrassment. James is a refined gentlemen that ignores my faux pas and continues to set a tray in front of his boss. We begin to eat and drink as James brings in the New York Times and I am totally ignored. Immediately going to the business section, I here a small “shit” come from my partner in crime. He is not happy with what he sees. I lean over and hold a strawberry to his lips and tell him to take a bite as it is to early in the day to be grumpy. He slowly bites into the stawberry  and the rich juice slowly moves over his bottom lip and down his chin and I quickly lick it off. He tells me no time to play dear, lets eat I really must be going. He quickly finishes his breakfast and pours another cup of coffee and heads into the bathroom. I finish my breakfast, giving him private time to expel the waste from his body. I slide out of bed and look out the window, which is one long plate of glass. The city appears to be so small below as this penthouse is on the 49th floor. I stand naked to the world and hug myself, this is some fantasy but damn what a fantasy it is! I slowly walk to the bathroom and notice there is no clothing on the floor, glasses or empty bottles any longer. The maid Josephine, quietly entered the room and tidied up a bit, this amazes me. As I slowly open the bathroom door, I can feel the heat and hear the water of the shower. I slip into the shower with the man of my dreams and take a wash cloth and apply soap to it quickly. I begin to slowly bathe the man that has pleasured me and as I was his back I work my way down to the crack of his ass and slip the wash cloth between his cheeks. I soap up his back side and slowly kiss his neck as I slip my finger into his ass. I begin to work magic with my finger as he begins to moan, I run the bar of soap over his chest with the other hand and remove my finger and turn him around. His cock is granite hard already and I kiss him and wash his chest at the same time. I soap up my hand and work my way to his cock and wash him slowly and gently as I begin to stroke him and wash his balls. He is loving all the attention and begins to wash me as well and he works his way down to my clit and begins to finger me and I’m ready for him in no time. He pushes a button on the wall and out comes a seat for me to sit on. He is a tall man and I am quite short so this is a lovely addition to our morning lovemaking. He picks me up and sits me on the seat and rapidly spreads my legs as far as he can as he gets on his knees, of course there is a knee pad that comes out of the wall as well. He begins to lick my clit and playing with one nipple at the same time. I cannot hold back my orgasm and I am pulling his hair and screaming his name as I cum, not once but twice. He quickly stands up and thrusts his manhood into me and pulls my hips to him, he wants not only to fuck me but to fuck me with every inch of himself. He thrusts in and out and without any warning he let’s out a sound that is not unfamiliar as he squirts his juices into my body. He slowly takes a nipple in his mouth and works his way up to my lips, kissing me gently and he tells me he loves me with the passion of a man truly in love. We finish bathing and step out of the shower and I grab the most luxurious towel and begin to dry him off and he does the same to me. He even begins to run a pick through my hair to untangle it as we stand under  warm heat lamps and blowers. We are dry in a moment and we exit the bathroom to get another cup of coffee. He tells me to go into the dressing room near my side of the bed and as I enter the room, I see a black garter belt, sheer black stockings, crotchless black panties and the most beautiful dress from a Parisian  dress-maker and of course beautiful 4 inch heel shoes. I hear a knock at the door and I say ” come in please” as I stand there naked, a man walks in and tells me his name is Nicholas and  he is a stylist and I am to let him know when I am ready for his services. I get dressed quickly and tell him to please come in, he has me go into the adjoining room and he begins to perform what will become a beautiful hairstyle. He pushes the button on the wall to the intercom and calls for someone named Natasha. She is in the room in seconds and her job is to do my makeup. I am now ready to start my day and face the world with vigor. I walk out of the room to see my man in a custom made black and white pin striped suit and he is gorgeous. I walk up to him and kiss him and tell him how damn good he looks and smells and how I would love to fuck him right this second. He tells me “that will have to wait until later” and we exit the room. We walk down the hallway and I can clearly hear the click of my heels on the Italian marble as we walk up to an elevator that opens automatically. We enter it and start to quietly chat and before I know it we are already on the main floor of the penthouse. We exit and head towards another elevator, but not before passing a huge beautiful mirror and table with fresh cut calla lillies and past the Monet, he is a Monet lover. He loves his art and music and I can hear the soft music of a symphony playing as we enter the elevator. He once again asks me what I will do with my day and I say ” shopping sounds a bit entertaining” he hands me a credit card with my name on it and tells me this is a gift for bringing him so much happiness, he also tells me there is no limit so go enjoy myself. We walk into the street and there is a limo waiting for us, foolish as I am I attempt to open the door and my partner grabs my hand and tells me ” a lady will never open a door in my presence, I have someone that does that job”. The driver walks rapidly around the car and opens the door, removes his had and says “good morning mam, I hope you rested well” as he helps me into the limo. We end up dropping off my sweetheart at the office and continue to fifth avenue so I can start exploring the wonders of the shops. I enter shop after shop filled with the most beautiful clothing but my desires are to purchase a gift for my exotic lover.  Trying to find the perfect gift is unbelievably hard but I finally find something quite fitting for last nights adventures. It is now lunch time and I ask the driver to take me to the office. I enter the building and go into the elevator as the elevator attendant insists on holding my bag and carrying it to my lovers office. The secretary let’s him know I’ve arrived and she shows me into his office, he quickly gets up and walks around his desk to  give me a kiss. I sit on his desk and say “lunch my love” and he says ” not on my desk sweetheart, to many important documents’. He takes me by the hand and we enter another room where a gentleman was repairing Otis, the elevator, he says ” sir the elevator is repaired and usable now” and we do apologize for any inconvenience. All three of us enter the elevator and before I know it I am turned around bent over and my dress is up over my head, my man undoes his pants and I can feel his cock against my cheeks. He whispers in my ear, darling I’m so turned on and he enters me with a deep thrust as I let out a moan, the elevator repairman is watching with pure pleasure and my man begins to fuck me faster and harder, I let out my scream and say ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh don’t stop hon I’m cumming, yes, yes. He withdraws his cock and enters my ass slowly, he is so gentle as he slides himself into me back and forth until he is all the inside me. I am in another world of pleasure and notice that the elevator repairman has removed his cock from his pants and is stroking it with vigor. My lover has grabbed my hips and as he is thrusting into me I can hear him begin to moan with deep pleasure and the elevator repairman begins do to the same. My sweetheart hands me several disposal wet towelettes so I can clean myself and I do rapidly because I know the doors will open any moment.

The entrance of sexual pleasure

I can feel a familiar sensation grow inside me as he makes love to me gently but deeply, as I begin to feel the ecstacy I scream his name, Sean OOOHHHHHHHHHHHH Sean do not stop hun, I beg you give me all of you and he plunges into me one more time that brings my body to the heighth of orgasm. My body slides flat onto the bed and he says, o no not yet my love, we are far from finished and he raises my hips back up until I’m on all fours once again. He spreads my ass cheeks and begins to lick my asshole and I am thoroughly enjoying this, he begins to kiss my tailbone as he enters my ass with one finger and then another and then another. He is preparing me for the finale of ultimate pleasure I have never really experienced at this depth. His fingers move in and out of me and I can feel the lubrication as he moves his fingers faster and faster. Finally I am prepared for his entrance and he slowly enters me with his cock hard as granite. He is a big man but extremely gentle as he slowly takes my virginity with the head of his cock.He is in the world of discovery as he enters me further and further and slowly withdraws himself only to enter again and again, this ritual goes on for quite sometime as he does not want to give me anything but pleasure.He has finally put the full length of his manhood inside me and begins to slowly go in and out. His moans of pleasure deepen with each stroke. I am feeling a pleasure that I’m absolutely going crazy over. Sean begins to go faster and faster and I scream “fuck me, don’t stop, keep fucking me hun” he loves me to talk dirty to him and he his fucking me as fast as he can and his moans get so loud that I know his cock is going to explode any second. The sound of pleasure finally escapes his lips and I know he is cumming with the great force as I feel his wetness begin to drip out of my ass and down to my clit and finally dripping off my body onto the lovely sheets.He is spent, yes he has reached the point of no return as he falls to the left of me on his back as I watch his chest rise up and down.

The fantasy is now reality

I tiptoe quickly back to my side of the bed and slowly crawl back in and cover my cold body with the plush blankets and comforter.I begin to lick his nipple and I can see chills begin to move over his body, my hand is already on his balls massaging them and I can feel the hardness of his cock already. Is it the morning after wealth of urination hard on or sexual arrousal? We shall find out. I move like a panther, very slowly and methodically down his body and use my legs to spread his wide enough for my body to fit. I begin to lick the head of his cock and I can taste my dried body fluids from the night before. I slowly circle the underside of the head of his cock and I hear a deep moan from above the covers. His cock makes a slight bounce off his body and I take it into my mouth hungrily as his moans deepen. I massage his balls and take his cock deeper and deeper into my warm mouth and I begin to stroke his cock with my hand and it follows my mouth up and down quicker and quicker.He can’t stand it any longer and he reaches under the blanket and pulls me up to his face. He kisses me slightly on the lips and then deeper using his tongue to do a dance with my own. I slowly raise myself up making sure his cock is entering as I do, I look into his eyes and they glisten with a pleasure that is undeniable. I am now sitting erect with his large pulsating cock inside me as I move slowly up and down. He wants more, this is not satisfying him enough and he grabs me and sets me to the side of him. He demands that I get on all fours and as I do he slaps my bare bottom and says “cheers old gal, this is how it’s done”. He enters my wetness and thrusts his cock deep inside me as my clit begins to throb intensely.

Forgone conclusion

I cannot believe he has thought of everything, Spearment and Ginger shampoo and creme rinse, Caswell and Massey Pauttioli soap, Vitabath body wash, new tooth brush and Crest cinnamon toothpaste in the dispenser in the shower. This all is mind boggling to me, as how could he have known these are my favorite hygiene products. I do my morning shower ritual and step out of the shower and use a plush towel to dry myself as I stand under the warm heat lamps that blow a gentle stream of warm air down over head to finish the drying process. As I prepare to exit the bathroom, there is a plush rope hanging on the back of the door with my name embroidered on it. I just start to laugh to myself, I hate being a foregone conclusion and I will teach him a lesson that he shall never forget. I tiptoe quickly back to my side of the bed and slowly crawl back in and cover my cold body with the plush blankets and comforter.


I thought of him all day and I wanted him badly as I walked through the day and finally had to stop and give myself an orgasm not once but twice. I wanted to lie next to him so bad it made me crazy, I wanted to feel his arms around me and his kisses and his hands touching me.

I was in bed and thinking of him and running my hands over my breasts and pinching my nipples as I got wetter and wetter fantasizing about him. I could see him looking into my eyes as the head of his cock touched the entrance of my moistness and entered me slowly.

I sucked in my breath as he entered and went deeper inside of me and it felt so good and I was so tight. I began to stroke my clit and think of his hardness and I reached for my vibrator. As I began to stimulate myself I thought of us looking into each others eyes as I began to cum and he did as well.

We sounded like to baboons as we both screamed out primal sounds of such pleasure. I love it when he makes love to me so passionately and gently. He touches me with such thoughtfulness and kindness and he tells me he loves me and he really means it and our love making is so genuine and real.

The Good Slut

Not much excited her because she had been let down so many times in her life.  She would admit to a mild case of curiosity at best. She went through the days doing what was required of her but she did think about him and wondered to herself, who would go to the length he had?

It is romantic, frustrating, annoying, sweet, loving, kind, funny the way he keeps in contact with me. I have no idea why he is so crazy about me but I think I have the same thoughts myself. Sometimes people are just meant to be together and nothing can stop that.

She looked briefly out the plane window as she freshened her lipstick. She rarely wore makeup but some events do require that you put your best foot forward. It’s part of the dating game and I will be glad when I can just relax and be myself, shouldn’t take me to long to relax. 

Maybe two bottles of wine later might put me in the right frame of mind, the funny thing about me is in person I’m very shy and try to overcome it. When I feel safe and secure I start to emerge like a butterfly and then the real me comes out. I do not put on airs so you will get what you see.

She heard the wheels lock into place for landing and she sat and waited to depart the plane. She was looking very attractive in her off the shoulder blouse, black spandex workout pants and black ankle high high heeled boots. She was finally able to depart the plane and she got her luggage and waited for the taxi to the hotel.

She thought of what it would be like to be with a man again as it had been so long and as she thought about “him” she could feel her nipples getting hard and she was moist between her legs. The taxi came and brought her back to reality and she boarded the bus and took a seat.

She leaned her head against the window until they reached their destination. She stepped off the bus and the driver took down her bag and she tipped five dollars, the economy hit everyone and if she could share a bit of what she had then she would. She entered the hotel and walked up to the counter to check in.

She gets her room key and heads for the elevators, she is tired and just wants to go to bed to sleep of course. He put his hand in between the door to stop them so he could enter. He said to her “Kimberly” and she said “yes” as if she knew who he was already but this was not the case.

She stepped next to him and told him to stoop down so she could whisper a secret in his ear. She asked him if he was finally happy that he cornered her? She said to him “kiss me” and their lips slowly met and the heat in the room almost melted the metal in the elevator.

He follows her to her room and she enters the room and he asks her where she would like her suitcase and she said the bathroom. He took her suitcase and put it where she had requested and he came out of the bathroom and asked her if she would like to go get a drink.

She said yes because she wanted to be brave and feisty just to remind him that she doesn’t take any shit from anyone. He sat down on the bed and she walked up to him and took his face in her hands. She kissed him gently and sweetly and she was good at french kissing.

The connection between them was like lighting as it him the both at the same time and the force was strong enough to knock them and they fell on the bed. They both began to laugh and hug each other, it was as if they had known each other forever and there was not one bit of uneasiness between them.

She excused herself and went into the bathroom and he sat on the bed with the biggest smile and he covered it with his hand but he knew he just couldn’t quit smiling. He was home, he had found his home finally and it felt good, it felt right and he knew they had to be together forever.

She came out of the bathroom and he looked at her with shock and surprise as she walked towards him in a purple stain full length night gown. She looked unbelievable and so soft and pretty and he couldn’t keep his hands off her any longer as he stood up and walked towards her.

He kissed her and ran his hands over her breasts feeling the hard nipples through the material.  He was so hard but he didn’t want this to be a cum and go experience. She pushed him away and put on the radio and found a great slow dance song and she began to dance very slow and sexy.

She turned around and he could see the laced up back of the top of the nightgown and he wanted to untie it and slip his hands around to the front of her breasts.  He had a flash of her ass and he walked up to her and rubbed her ass with his hard on as he turned her around to face the bed.

He undid her lace and slipped his hands around to her nipples and she began to moan and beg him to enter her, she wanted all of him and she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He lifted up her night gown and saw how sweet her ass looked with white boy short underwear.

He told her not to move and he grabbed her camera and started taking ass shots of her and then he told her to lie down on her side on the bed and he started snapping pictures. She looked at him amused and quite tickled because that takes some balls to do that.

He climbed onto the bed and started kissing her as she ran her hands the length of his backside and she was lost into the moment and was so happy she was going to cry. She couldn’t believe she had finally found her happiness as he parted her legs and began to play with her clit and finger her wet pussy.

She was stroking his cock and he was hard so hard and ready to fuck and she knew it. She worked her way to the head of his cock and teased the head with her tongue finally taking the head in her mouth as she stroked his cock and took him deeper into his mouth.

She massaged his balls and he positioned her legs so they were in the 69 position which was his favorite. She backed off on him a bit until she was about to cum and she slowly started to use her mouth to jack him off waiting for the warm shot of cum that he was about to shoot.

She began to cum which made him cum and she crawled back up to the head of the bed and he put his arm around her and told her that he loved her. He wasn’t  saying the words lightly and yes he knew what he was doing and hopefully she felt the same way. She did and she was showing him as she kissed his neck and lips

She got on top of him and rubbed her wetness on his chest and then excused herself and went into the bathroom, this time she came out of the bathroom with a garter, stockings and heels and his cock went crazy. He walked over to her and lead her to the couch where he leaned her over the arm and fucked her pussy hard, real hard.

He stopped and got on his knees and started licking her ass as he fingered her, she moaned deeply and told him to” fuck me honey give me your big cock” and she would continue to talk dirty to him which made him want to shoot right then and their. He fingered her clit and her asshole at the same time which made her cry out so loud and he knew she was cumming.

Threw My Eyes

Have you ever wanted to be with someone so bad they consumed your every waking moment and into your dreams? Have you ever had a connection with someone that was not of the earth but from the heavens? Have you ever had such a strong pull towards another person that it controls you and drags you along with it? Is it called love? I do not know but one thing is for certain, there are definitely people we are meant to have in our lives in one form or another.

I have “met” someone online years ago and he scammed me, yes he hurt me financially and that was my own stupidity but the strangest thing happened. We became “friends” to a certain degree and then emotions got deeper on both sides, I believe. It’s all such a strange phenomena how we get involved with people and share our lives with people we do not know. There has been a bond built between us and we are finally going to meet and put all the questions to rest.

That is, if he is a man of his word and follows through with meeting me, which I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he didn’t show up. I would hope he wouldn’t do that to me but one never knows these days now does one? I have no doubt he is involved with someone and that is a problem for me as I do not want to be involved in any situation causing another pain. He says he has never been able to figure me out and I have no clue what that means.

I am no mystery in fact I am so in your face obvious you can never question my motives, at least most of the times. I have messed with him and get such a kick out of it because he doesn’t know who he is talking to just as I do not. I have lead him to believe he was talking to a guy and boy did he get pissed, lmao. He is always following me online and he lives in my mac like mini capacitor. I do not know what he expects to find but I am an open book.

Unlike he is of course, but aren’t the arrogant fuckers always the ones that like to hide?

All In The Eyes

I thought about the trip and when should I pack as I am not one for packing, I just a soon throw some shit into a bag and head out. But of course I won’t do that and won’t pack until the day before, hell it’s not like I’m going to need a lot of clothing that is for sure. I am not “slim and trim” by a long shot but I’m not a “sloppy” woman either but my body is me take it or leave it, because I prefer to dress this body in very sexy and hot lingerie because it makes me feel sexy and when I feel sexy the world is sexy to me.

I am fantasizing about being in his arms lieing naked next to him but first, first I am on the plane sitting in a row by myself and it’s so quiet that I just have to break out my travel size vibrator as I think about his hands and lips on my breasts and feeling his hand between my lies I slowly put “peanut” in position and think about him between my legs and the more I think of him and my feet start to lift on the ground as I stifle the most awesome orgasm I have had in a long time. I make it to my destination and get the rent-a-car and head to the motel.

I dump my luggage pull back the quilted blanket top cover because who knows what the hell is on that or when it was last washed, same with walking on the floor, got a thing about that to. Other’s people’s body fluids turn me off unless I am up close and personal with that person. I see myself getting naked and crawling in bed to grab a nap before he arrives. I am in quite a delightful dream as I am stimulated by the arousal my body is feeling.

I began to stir and move my legs to bend one knee and straighten one leg as I start to move my ass in my sleep and I am becoming more and more exciting as I feel a kiss on my neck. This was no dream no this was reality at its best as I turned over exposing my hard nipples. He said “hello” and bent down to kiss me and it was the most romantic kiss I have ever had as I began to undo his shirt, belt and pants. He crawled into bed and I ran my hand over his tight ass and thighs as he slid next to me and put his hand on my face to look at him.

It was a defining moment, a moment that only happens once in a lifetime, it’s a feeling you have never felt before and will never feel for another person, there is a mutual admiration and respect and a feeling that you will never feel again as it is a defining moment. One that can make or break a relationship, you just know if there is something there or there isn’t. We looked into each other’s eyes as if we both wondered what the other was thinking.

It was as if both of us were afraid of what the other was thinking, so we did the next best thing we kissed to hide our embarrassment and one kiss lead to another and down his chest and I took him into my mouth and rubbed his balls as he began to moan, he was hard harder then granite and he reached down and pulled me up and kissed me, rolled me over, pulled me up by my hips and entered me with the speed of a locomotive.

It felt good I must say a good “fuck me hard and deep” every once in a while is just what the doctor ordered and he shot hot semen into me and then he rolled me on my back. He began to masturbate me and I was so horny I came in no time. We laid back and relaxed and just enjoyed each other’s company until I asked if he was hungry and he said yes, so I offered to make him a swiss and bacon loaded omelet, which he hungrily agreed to.

I made him the omelette and some toast and I sat and fed him and myself from this massive plate of food and he enjoyed every bite as I can tell a happy food face. I then got a wash cloth and washed his body for him and then put cologne on his sexy ass. He was so exciting, his personality was like walking into a room full of flood lights, he had it all charisma, that look, that smile ya he was the proverbial “lady killer”. At least in his own mind……..

A Woman

knows her worth when she can replace a broom with a weed blower and a man with a vibrator

Batteries Not Included

I have been without male companionship for the last three years and as well as recovering from husband demise and my fallers. I have fallen into constant physical gratification and I am not particular where

I self indulge. I am the type of woman that wants sex anytime or any place but I am not a nympho. I travel lightly and here are my friends and it always works great to keep the kids out of my wallet, it blows their minds that their mother would be so sexually charged. I know my son will look for a girl like me and I hope he does find her because I am one “rare bird” in many ways. I am very open with my children and yes they have seen me naked.

There is nothing that should be hidden as far as the body and being open actually keeps your kids from getting into shit. I do not think sex is dirty but quite beautiful when expressed in a romantic way. As you can see I am a BBW and quite proud of who I am and my attitude towares life. I want to just experience some romance, yes I want to lie in bed naked with you and just talk as I ran my hand slowly down your body in anticipation of feeling you inside me. I am so attracted to you, the inner soul, the person you really are. Hey, ok I wouldn’t mind taking your body for a spin but I am actually quite shy even though you would never think of me that way.

You always are on my mind and I always want to touch myself. I cannot leave home without my mini vibrator because I get so horny just thinking of you and I feel the need to fuck “you” right then and there. See what you have done to me? Turned me into a duracell investor, god makes me think of you always and this is so exiting for me. This has turned out to be fun, exititng and quite interesting and I adore it.

To The Cell I Go

We had been chatting on facebook for quite awhile or so it had seemed as one “friend” runs into another and it’s like I’m talking to the same person under different fb profiles. Of course that is exactly what is going on or am I suppose to pretend not to notice which I am observant and have caught many a signal. Yes, he is like criminal, always returning to the scene of the crime and he is so worried about what and who I am doing.

I’m doing no one but am waiting for our time to be together and I do hope he is in NY as that would not be good if it wasn’t him. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he wasn’t behind this whole NY thing because he is so damn romantic and caring and he wants to meet me in a very nice setting and I’m sure it’s going to be very nice and private. I am counting the days now and I am getting really excited about all this and I am liking it.

I hope he hasn’t set me up again for a major letdown as I couldn’t take it I really couldn’t, I like watching him jack off and I like chatting with him he seems kind of wound up when he first starts talking to me and then he relaxes, it’s cute lol. I do not understand all the mystery but I think I have a pretty good idea and I do not think I am all that excited one bit about the fan fare of his. I so do enjoy when we have mutual masturbation as we did the other night.

I went into my bedroom and pulled up my nightgown to my bare pubic bone and as I talked to him on the  cell  I could tell he was really jacking off and  it wouldn’t take anything for him to cum. I played with myself and out of no where came this awesome fucking orgasm. I think I was really turned on by listening to him masturbating as I think it’s really hot to share such an open sexual desire folder, why should people hide there desire for sex in different forms?

Why cheat when you can share these times with your significant other and I so do enjoy listening and watching, watching really makes me wet and I’m talking wet, dripping, slurping wet lol. I so adore watching his long lean fingers wrapped around his cock and knowing that I am the object of his obvious affection and that excites the hell out of me. Wish he were here right now so I could sit right down on his hard cock.